" great interiors are like musical notes harmonizing to create an unforgettable melody "

— unknown designer

Dominique Wisdom
Wisdom & Koenig

dominique & kyle

combine their individual backgrounds curating a blend of vintage furnishing & re-loved interios allowing a fresh balance of texture, color & ambient. driven by the love of travel they continue to search out interesting pieces to add to their expanding collection of unique & individual treasures.

Inspired by the past, motivated by now

While enjoying the benefits of high-tech globalization, our true dedication focuses on offering rare and unique vintage pieces from around the world. Conscious of sustaining cultural heritage, design & character we curate hand-picked works of traditional materials & craftsmanship. Honoring the generations of handed down skills, giving them continued awareness and new life. combining our eclectic experience we offer clients a selected array of cross period pieces that stand alone or blend beautifully with modern, classic & mixed interiors

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